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Refinishing Procedures

The refinishing process begins with a thorough review of the incoming aircrafts condition. Any non paint related cosmetic defects are recorded and brought to the clients attention for repair consideration.

Next, the removal of all control surfaces, gear and cowl doors, cowlings, and most composite trim pieces takes place. The aircraft is then masked off and chemically stripped using an environmentally friendly non-hazardous paint stripper. Fiberglass pieces are sanded and repaired as needed, and the aircraft is washed with an industrial soap.

From here, the plane moves to the paint shop where a premium Dupont (now Axalta) Aviation Imron paint system is applied. Both single stage, and base/clear systems are used.

A conversion coating is applied. Next the aircraft is epoxy primed. Then the base color coat is applied. When dry, the aircraft scheme is carefully laid out and trim colors are applied.

When the paint work is completed, the control surfaces are balanced to manufactures specifications. At the conclusion of the process a post-paint inspection covering 16 different items is complied with. The entire process is carefully documented and log entries are made by an A&P mechanic.

Lancaster Aero provides a variety of standard procedures that often cost extra at other facilities. Your standard quote includes all of the following:

Six hours of dent repair.

  • All non-structural hardware replaced with stainless steel hardware.
  • New wing root seals on low wing aircraft.
  • Prep and painting of landing gear wells.

Occasionally, customers request additional services, not included in the standard quote. Among them are:

  • Split base paint schemes
  • Painting door sills.
  • Re-surfacing of composite pieces.
From the mild to the wild, we are always willing to work with the customer to satisfy almost any wants and desires when it comes to aircraft refinishing.