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Meet the Team

We are mechanics, craftsmen and artists dedicated to the unique task of refinishing aircraft.

Key positions:

Kendall Horst - Owner and Chief of Maintenance

Kendall graduated from Wilmington College with a Bachelors degree in Aviation Maintenance Management. Kendall holds A&P, IA and Private pilot certificates. His experiance has taken him extensively through the general aviation maintenance field and for a short time, the airline maintenance field. Before purchasing Lancaster Aero Kendall served as the chief inspector at a corporate flight operation that maintained an FAA 145 repair station. Kendall has assisted his father with multiple aircraft restorations and loves flying the family J-3 Cub. Currently Kendall and his father are working on a one of a kind Fairchild 71.

Dave - Paint Lead

Dave has extensive experiance in the general aviation refinishing. Before joining Lancaster Aero at well over a decade ago, Dave worked in his families automotive parts business in the paint department. Dave can hardly remember a time when he didn't have a project to paint. If it flies, rolls, floats or just sits there and looks good, chances are that Dave has painted it. Lancaster Aero draws on Dave's deep experiance of finishing products and has allowed Lancaster Aero to hand pick the absolute best products that can be used in general aviation refinishing.

Chris - Prep Lead

Chris, trained as a graphic artist, brings his artistic eye to Lancaster Aero. Chris is the lead man in the prep department and has experiance in properly preparing the many differant types of subsrates found in aviation for refinishing. He is an unashamed perfectionist in paint prep and has a real eye for detail.

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